Wholesale Gold Jewelry Manufacturers

Do you love to design gold jewelry and want to have a wide range of pieces to sell? If so, then the gold jewelry manufacturers at Custom Fashion Jewels can help. We take your design and make it a reality.

We provide a lot of personalization options for you to be inspired with or choose from. For example, we offer many colors and carats, and we can source stones that you want for your jewelry if you can’t provide them yourself. This large variety of options allows us to customize your jewelry according to your specifications, such as creating dainty jewelry or providing diamond cuts.

Best of all, we can produce wholesale gold jewelry in bulk quickly, affordably, and successfully. To provide you with the best wholesale services, we ask that all orders have a 200 piece minimum.

Whether you want to design a simple gold band or an intricate necklace with lots of gems, you can rely on our wholesale gold jewelry manufacturers here at Custom Fashion Jewels. We want to provide you with the best gold jewelry possible. See various options of what we can create below, and if you have any questions, contact us at 818-351-7277 or online today.

Solid Fine Gold Jewelry

Custom Fine Gold Jewelry Manufacturer

You can find many custom fine gold jewelry manufacturers in the world. However, why Custom Fashion Jewels is a leading custom fine gold jewelry wholesaler, is the fact that, we offer the most competitive prices, quality, and the capacity to produce your custom wholesale fine jewelry in bulk and high volume with quick turnaround is a norm at Custom Fashion Jewels.