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Custom Fashion Jewels (custom manufacturing of jewelry & Accessory), We Strive to meet and exceed our Customers Expectations. Our main principle that guides us on our everyday operations is Quality, On time Delivery, and Pricing.


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Rhodium Plated Oval Blue CZ Evil Eye Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ3450


Rhodium Plated Dual Triangle CZ "Y" Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ3375


Rhodium and Gold Plated 15mm Floating CZ hearts Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ3358​


Multicolor Murano Millefiori 10mm Square Necklace

Serial No. CFJ8MP4210


Vermiel Sterling Silver and Peruvian Opalite Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ1549


Vermeil Sterling Silver and Aquamarine Quartz Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ1543​


Signature Authentico Coral Faceted 8 Sided Pendant

Serial No. CFJSGAP220


Vermeil CZ Bezel Duo "Y" Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ3381


Vermeil CZ Heart and Arrow Lariat Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ3296


Rhodium Plated Elegant Round CZ Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ655-SL


Gold Plated Starfish Necklace

Serial No. CFJCHM741


Rhodium Plated Double Row CZ Bar Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ3115


Rhodium Plated 12mm CZ Bar Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ3070


Rose Gold Plated CZ Arrow Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ2602


Gold Vermeil Plated Elephant Necklace

Serial No. CFJCHM361


Rose Gold Vermeil Plated High Polished Om Necklace

Serial No. CFJCHM087


Rhodium Plated 7.5mm CZ Stone on Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ2130


Vermeil Gold Plated Round Red Stone Necklace

Serial No. CFJPCZ2100


Signature Authentico Mother of Pearl Faceted Oval Pendant

Serial No. CFJSGAP240


Twisted Blade 7" Onyx Stretch Bracelet with Silver Dagger Charm

Serial No. CFJBR115S


Twisted Blade 7" Black Onyx Stretch Bracelet with Silver Fleur De Lis Charm

Serial No. CFJBR116S

$ 30​

Multicolor Murano Millefiori Faceted Rounds Bangle

Serial No. CFJ10MB440


Multicolor Murano Millefiori Faceted Hearts Bangle

Serial No. CFJ10MB400


Sealife Leather Wrapped Charm Bracelet

Serial No. CFJLCW1005


Faith Leather WRapped Charm Bracelet

Serial No. CFJLCW1000


Awareness Leather Wrapped Charm Bracelet

Serial No. CFJLW1001


Spirit Leather Wrapped Charm Bracelet

Serial No. CFJLCW1002


Hope Leather Wrapped Charm Bracelet

Serial No. CFJLCW1003


Love Leather Wrapped Charm Bracelet

Serial No. CFJLCW1004


Black "I Love You" Leather Wrap Bracelet Engraved In 23 Languages

Serial No. CFJLBW1000-BLK


Twisted Blade Silver Fleur De Lis Onyx Stretch Bracelet (Also available in matte: $31)

Serial No. CFJBR345


Twisted Blade Intricate Black Onyx Bead Bracelet (Also available in matte)

Serial No. CFJBR76S


Twisted Blade Bracelet with Black Onyx and Ball Ink Beads

Serial No. CFJBR77S


Signature Sterling Silver Black Leather Buckle Bracelet with Copper

Serial No. CFJSGB003


Sterling Silver "Under the Sea" Link Bracelet

Serial No. CFJCB032